Friday, July 17, 2009

life is stress???

hello there...
feeling stress??? hooohoo... if yes..thanks God... you r a human... a normal one!!! hihihi
stress xtually is some kind of challenges dat we should face... life without challenge is just like food without taste.. of coz some will says it's just too difficult..
yezzz... no things in da world is so easy to do..even eating- search food (that's hard.hihi), open mouth, chew and swalow..then-digest..look how many step? not easy rite? hahaha...
stress is something interesting, gives good or bad consequences... it can help improving someone's skills in managing their life, giving courage to do better or even can ruin one's whole life..
so ,most important is on how we manage the stress.... the way that u choose ur self.

stress comes from a lot of problems- work burden, assignments, marriage life, LOVE ( teenagers are good in this..perhaps..hihihii), financial problems n so on... maybe young fellow also face it.. yaa quarelling for a toy, n something like dat.. i also having stress- a mountain of assigment, financial prob, organising prog..waa. but i realised something.. there are people outhere who are more Stress than me... they doing lots more work compare to me... so, no mean for me to give up.. chaiyok2..aja aja fighting!!!!

FYI, stress be my topic for english course presentation... thanks stress.kikiki...
erm i'm glad to share some info from the talks.. it's about how to chill out the stress and be recharge.. when u are stress,try to follow the tips..:

1. do nothing-- sit quietly,focus on sounds around u..just relax
2. laugh out loud --- keep something that make you funny movie
3. think happily--- be positive about ur self, flashback ur happy moments
4. hit the road---- take five or ten minutes walks
5. breath easy---- take a deep breath..
6. tune in ---- listen to ur favourite music @ any calming one
7. rise relaxed---- strecth your muscle, wake up in da morning withou think any
of ur problem...
8. for muslims..dont forget to pray.. pray is the best medcine for any problem..

i myself like to sing to release my stress... voice is not the matter..of coz mine is not as sweet as celine dion or jamal abdillah.hhuuhu.. wanna do like me? let's sing!!! hahaha. don't worry bout running ur pitching away...kuikuikui.. yg penting,...JOM KITA ENJOY!!!!

wait 4 the post!! daa..sayoonara..

(# some of the info were got from ridest digest(forgot da volume already.huhuhu)

Presentation: Kod etika keguruan

This is the presentation I made during EDU class( Falsafah dan dasar)

let's sleep...

a'aaaaa(yawning)..huhu really want to zZZZZZzzzzz... but i cannot close my eyes... mybe looking at these pictures can persuade my eyes.huhuhuhu


hello world!!! new blogger here... hihihi.. just wanna be part of da blogger around the world... to write is to share... wow!! how interesting.. express anger, share happiness, shout for help..sometimes business..hiiiihi, telling this, story dat.. lot's can be done...

let's share...
orite..time to sleep... oyasuminasai!! nitez.